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Support K107 Today - Ways to help the Station

It costs a considerable amount to run K107 FM - Kirkcaldy's own Community Radio Station...


Covering Rent & Rates, Technical Equipment, Stationery, Promotional Expenses etc. Everyone involved in K107 is a volunteer, so our operating costs are all purely expenses. As well as grant funding, donations really help keep the station growing. We are a charity regulated by OSCR.


So please help us spread the word and see how you can help support K107 FM below.

One off Donation with Paypal


Click on the link below to give

Any amount you can afford is really appreciated in supporting our station.

Our Wishlist - Need help with this stuff...


This is our equipment, materials and services that we need each year.


  • A4 & A3 Promotional Posters - £45.00

  • Promotional Pens - £110.00

  • WTA & Ofcom licence £850

  • Promotional Car Stickers - £200.00

  • PAT Testing electricals £280

  • Social Media Advertising - £90.00

  • Raffle Prizes - £ Any Value

  • New Computers - Windows 10 required, both Desktops and Laptops

  • Insurances £350

  • Fees for national news feed £300

  • Hospitality tea/coffee for guests £180

  • Media packs for business £200

Not got Money?
We know how you feel!


You can still help!

  • Share our stuff on Social Media!

  • Talk to folk about us...

  • Ask Local Businesses to put up posters for us and get in touch for us to arrange it.

  • Volunteer with us!

Friends of K107 FM - Direct Debit Donations


Sign up to become a 'Friend of K107'.

Get exclusive news, opportunities to win stuff in our 'Friends Raffle' each month. Get early access to any live shows and exclusive events, with discounts for being our friend and supporting the station. Your name also gets put up on our website as a special mention to say thanks for your support. Special mentions on the Radio throughout the year at random :)

Lose some weight with K107 - Instead of buying a Marsbar and a packet of crisps each week - (or a McDonalds once a month) - Support our great station! (only 17p per day)

Takeaways are bad for you! If you need to cut down on them each month, and that extra Tenner is weighing you down... Throw it over to us... We'll put it to work, creating a community radio station for everyone in Kirkcaldy! (Wow, thats only 36p per day)

TV License! We're not saying the BBC isn't worth it... BUT K107FM certainly is... LOCAL Music, LOCAL News, Local Stories, What could be better?! Some folk don't like paying for their TV License though, but that's understandable! (works out at 53p per day)

We know that this is a lot to some folk! Personally, we can't afford this... Thats why we are volunteers, but hey, if you can... Please DO!!! (It works out to £5 per week... 71p per day!)

Able to give more? Contact us and we can setup a Direct Debit for your chosen amount.

Are you a local Business?

Reach a potential 60,000 listeners in Kirkcaldy by  advertising or sponsoring a radio show.

Call: 01592 645 307 office hours
or Email: and find out how!
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