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  • review by Graeme Logan

Rock Idle (** 2 Star)

Kingdom Theatre Company are premiering this show which tells us about a diary from a “rock star” Marshall Stax. During this story, we are told about famous names who Marshall has come across in the music business and his involvement he has had with those stars. The show is led by vocalist Linton Osborne, who was a member of the Scottish rock band Nazareth, who had top 40 hits including My White Bicycle and Gone Dead Train in the 1970’s. The show also is accompanied with Craig Dunlop on guitar. We hear music from the very early 60’s by artists in those days to rock music in the 70’s. Linton does hard to get the audience involved in the show and that does help grab people’s attention.

The show was written by Linton Osborne and John Murray. The show is very original with images of old rock-stars whilst we are hearing the story and music from Linton. There are original songs written by Willie Logan.

This needs more promoting than currently to pull a bigger audience than there was.

The Kingdom Theatre Company have three other productions at this years Edinburgh Fringe including a return of “The Keltie Clippie” and two new shows “Cameron Young Magic” and “The Drowsy Chaperone”.

Rock Idle runs until 8th August at 7.50pm at Greenside, Nicholson Square.

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