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  • review by Graeme Logan

Ciaran Dowd – Padre Rodolfo (*** 3 Star)

Ciaran Dowd was successful last year in winning the comedy award for Best Newcomer 2018 for his show Don Rodolfo. This year is his follow-up, Padre Rodolfo. This story Don has stopped being the guy who put’s “ass” into “assassin” and has now found God. We are told how he arrived at this stage in life and how the Pope called him to Rome to attend a seminary. We see how he was tested by a nun who was sent to teach him ways of the cloth.

Beelzebub himself rears his head, Padre Rodolfo – sometimes father, often Daddy – must summon his faith to cast the dark lord into the shadow realm.

Dowd gives a narrative, who is so laid-back that he forgets his lines several times. The mentions of religion in the first section work okay, in Rodolfo’s opening sermon.

The structure of the show becomes very repetitive and static. The middle section is remarkably baggy for something so light-hearted, as Dowd is not good at acting. There were silly stunts and audience participation are soon ditched for lots of heavy narrative description, with every gag about fisting, bumming and cheese getting increasingly boring.

The most amusing part was Roldolfo’s owl sidekick, and gives much-needed variety to the hour, not least in a dramatic ending. If only Dowd could exorcise the busy narrative and saggy script.Although, the show seemed to go down well with most of the audience and a good applause was given.

This show is at the Pleasance Courtyard at 21.45 until Sunday 25th August.

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