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  • review by Graeme Logan

Mark Nelson - Brexit Wounds *****(5 Star)

Mark returns to the Fringe for 2019 many years now since winning the inaugural Scottish Comedian of the Year Award in 2006, just after his first ever open-spot. Mark, host of BBC Radio’s smash-hit The Good, the bad and the Unexpected.

This time Mark returns with his new show entitled Brexit Wounds. If you are not into Politics, don’t let the title sway you from going to see the show. Although Mark does start and end the show with his feelings on how the whole matter seems to be completely taking over the entire news bulletins and affecting our lives. We are generally asked how we voted “leave” or “remain”. Mark wants to know if anyone out with the UK is in the audience and what those members of the audience think of the Pantomime that has and is going on. Some of the comments that appealed to the audience were regarding Spain: they are welcome to Gibraltar, all we would like is to see the monkeys every few weeks, or if anyone would want to attack Spain then this would be easy in the afternoon when the Spanish are asleep.

The show also changes topic with comments about adult toys which his children had come across under their parent’s bed.

His humour is so sharp with comments about the audience in another show which is currently being performed at the same time.

Definitely worth going along to.

The show runs every night at the Gilded Balloon until the 25th (not Monday 19th) at 8pm

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