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  • review by Graeme Logan

Not so much a palace

Pam’s Palace * 1 Star

This show is based in a hairdresser’s salon where several members of the audience are asked to tell the 3 staff what they would like to be done to their hair. This is a very small venue and certainly has audience participation as described. The story is the manageress and her 2 assistants are aiming to win awards for their shop. During the show there were numerous problems with falling sets and even forgotten lines. As a reviewer I do not appreciate being dragged to the stage to give scores on what they deserve for the changes to this hairdressing shop. The show cost £25 which included a cheap glass of sparkling wine. The theatre company have been producing well known Fringe Shows for years eg Fawlty Towers, The Wedding Reception but, certainly they need to consider about bringing this back.

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