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  • Graeme Logan

Jack & The Beanstalk

As soon as the cast come on, Grant Stott, playing the baddie – Fleshcreep, the audience are partaking booing to his Fe-Fo-Fi-Fum.

Including the first song where we are told he is sexy and relates to numerous suburbs of the city, they are very well written. Allan Stewart plays Dame Trott or to her friends she is Aunty Mary and Andy Gray as her friend Hector appear and we now have our regular trio of actors that we are so used to at the Kings Theatre. Allan has been involved in Scottish Pantomime now for over 20 years and it is obvious that he still enjoys. As the show progressed, it was very obvious that the script was well up to date with a scene where Honey Gee appears on a motorbike and has the crowd giving a mixture of booing or screaming. We have scenes where some of the audience are being soaked by Aunty Mary’s water boobs, or they are being shown themselves on the big screen, which was not scripted but, well taken on. When Fleshcreep announces to Dame and Hector regarding the money they are due to his boss, the giant they then have no alternative to have their son, played by Greg Barrowman (another Scottish actor) who we have seen at previous King’s Panto’s sell their cow.

During the leed up to Fleshcreep buying the cow, which Jack has been led to believe, has sold for a bag of gold coins. Instead he discovers it is a bag of beans and as we all know their will soon be a Beanstalk the following day assisted by Lisa Lynch in her role as the Spirit of the Castle. Aunty Mary appears in her helicopter to finish the first half to grab the audience’s attention.

In the second half we are entertained with Aunty Mary and Hector playing the Kazoo, 4 young children on the stage who wanted to come up and help sing a typical panto song, who did provide laughs even if they didn’t mean to. After Jack has managed to kill the Giant, Fleshcreep gets his worst possible nightmare being forced to wear a “Hearts” top.

Also worth seeing was Aunty Mary and Hector with the Krankie/Nicola Sturgeon scene.

Definitely worth going to see the Edinburgh Panto as all of the cast and crew work extremely well together.

Runs until Sunday 15th January 2017.

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