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  • Review by john Murray

Cinderella in Kirkcaldy

The big Kirkcaldy Pantomime has opened with a huge run of shows all the way till January 7th. Regular fans of the Adam Smith Theatre shows will note that it was all change this year to the production source as managed by Fife Cultural Trust. For the first time Imagine Theatre are in charge and they bring in a new team and director Alasdair Hawthorn. The delightful Kim Shepherd is familiar to local audiences from her various stage appearances and vocal performances in many forms including her band Cut The Cake. She plays Cinderella of course and her transformation from rags to ball gown is a colourful delight with the finery of white silk to woo any prince.

This is the ultimate family show with humour on many levels and while the Fairy Godmother narrates the traditional story it is Gordon Brandie as Buttons that holds the show together with slapstick and audience interaction. He really works the youngsters with his character and wins over the adults as well. I was waiting for the Ugly Sisters to appear and when they did they were a revelation. Greg Powrie and Derek McGhie play Verruca and Flatula and they really can do a full show on their own. Deliciously camp their costumes alone will have you laughing. They interact like a veteran duo and I’m sure as the show progresses the ad libs with grow into a new show.

The limitations of a provincial stage are soon forgotten when the pumpkin becomes the carriage for Cinderella rising above the stage complete with a white horse and snowy white clouds. Space here does not permit me to list all supporting cast but one particular choreographed song is of West End standard. All the songs work well of course form the topical Shut Up And Dance to the pitch perfect Time Of My Life when Kim as Cinders duets with her Prince played by Blair Robertson.

Adam Smith Theatre until January 7

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