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Sinatra: Raw – Pleasance at EICC till Aug 15 20:00

Presented by producer James Seabright in association with MLA Talent this sees the return of Richard Shelton in his role as Frank Sinatra in Palm Springs in 1971. At the last Fringe tis show was at the Scottish Museum and for this year becomes part of a reduced Pleasance programme at the EICC which can hold 350 with ease.

Richard has been performing at the Fringe for several years now and always as Frank Sinatra whom he becomes both in accent and vocal but surprisingly in stature. In a previous show he would appear as Frank in an original tuxedo which fitted like a glove. These were the days of the Free Fringe and Frankenstein’s pub but all in the past now. His shows as Frank have seen him tour the world, make TV appearances and an awards nomination for his portrayal in Rat Pack Confidential in London’s West End. In this past year he could be seen at home in Laurel Canyon California performing to backing tracks from his verandah both to the neighbours and to a global audience on social media.

This is totally different though as Shelton transports us to the Purple Room accompanied by his pianist and his customary bourbon from Tennessee. He talks us through the ups and downs his life and loves along with some great songs like Angel Eyes, That’s Life and A Very Good Year. Shelton can reduce the room down to the intimacy of a small nightclub just like Francis Albert used to do and at times the phrasing and body language makes this all so believable. The solo piano makes it real and by the time we hear this arrangement of My Way he can do no wrong. The audience lapped it up and I would wager Richard will be back for 2022.


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