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Looks Like We Made It - The Space at Surgeons Hall till Aug14 18:45

We know the Fringe is very different this year with both the acts and the venues not like any other year and that is only if they are doing anything at all.

The brave souls at TheSpaceUK have done better than most with a huge outdoor venue called Garden Theatre and even their biggest indoor place is suitably spaced and called Bevan Theatre (was Grand Theatre). So, on opening nights before -1 Level Day all seats were in singles, pairs, or fours and all as per the regulations.

It was here I came to see Looks Like We Made It from the Chasing Rainbows Company with the songs of Barry Manilow with the script relating to the lyrics sung. Another fringe show Could It Be Magic turned out to be a conjurer.

The songs are all familiar and performed live with two lady singers, bass, guitar, flute, and keyboards. It is musical theatre even from the solo opening of I Write The Songs with just acoustic guitar for accompaniment, but the acting cast rarely break into song although when it does Weekend In New England stands out for me. The story surrounds a 30-year married couple in conversation with their councilor over several years. Well-acted, humorous, and true to life they even managed to weave in Copacabana and make it sound like it was written for the show. What Mamma Mia did for Abba this does for the Barry Manilow songbook.


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