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Humans in the Classroom

‘Humans in the Classroom’ by Haili Hughes Pub McNidder and Grace

‘Humans in the Classroom’ is a revealing exploration of the human side of educators from all backgrounds and sectors across the globe, revealing their personal DNA and taking the reader on a sometimes deeply intimate journey through first-person story telling. These experiences range from personal adversity and tragedy to the uplifting and heart-warming. This shines a light on a sometimes-berated vocation usually involving ‘teaching bashing’ around hours worked and holidays, offering an alternative insight into what it means to be a teacher and the personal rewards gained making a difference in children and young people’s lives.

When the term, ‘Inspirational Teacher’ is used, one is immediately transported to a time where an individual was pivotal in a young person’s life in a variety of ways- nurture, care, support, consistency, understanding and fairness to name but a few. However, the impact that this person has made is measurable, ultimately making a difference. We all have such a person in mind and usually, at least one story to underpin or validate this.

But what about the journey of these special people? What it their story? How did their journey bring them into teaching? ‘Humans in the Classroom’, gathers such stories, which vary greatly but stick to a similar narrative, namely capturing the essence of what makes not only an effective teacher but the part they play in shaping the future of children and young people.

It is and presented in what is an enjoyable, sometimes sad, sometimes amazing read featuring extraordinary people like the Tourette’s sufferer, the International Popstar, the first black Inner London Headteacher or victim of Dunblane tragedy, all champions of children and young people.

It is a book which genuinely leaves the reader feeling uplifted revealing the human being behind the chalkboard and may just inspire a whole new generation to follow and continue to make a difference.

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