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Although the fans have followed them for decades the show was still billed as a Homecoming and after all the restrictions and lockdowns it kind of was. Not to this venue however as 9 Esplanade was new to the boys but we have seen them play the Duchess, Linton Lane Centre, Adam Smith Theatre, Rothes Halls and even the Path Tavern. It was the full band too with the Kirkcaldy horns with trombone, trumpet and George Morrison ever present on sax.

The additional special guest made this an extraordinary evening as Fraser Speirs was introduced on harmonicas. Quite aside from his solo albums his work with Tam White over many years stands out and he is all over Paolo Nutini’s records. He played with his hero Muddy Waters and even Etta James which just shows the international status he has.

Opening the show was Passing Sages vocalist Holly Roseanna a credible artist in her

own right. Accompanying herself on acoustic guitar she gave a us a set of originals which held the audience spellbound. The audience knew quality and gave her the deserved applause even as more and more chairs were brought in to accommodate the late comers. By the time it came to see the main event there were now standing areas as the capacity had been reached. It has been a while since any public LOBN shows so plenty to catch up on plus many favourites from the back catalogue. Here & Now is a two-part album and I am sure they could have shifted a few on this welcoming gig. Founder and bass player Dougie showed them to the crowd then gifted them from the stage. Opening with the instrumental Chapter 26 they quickly got in to their sixteen-song set and with Lewis Milne on the mixing desk, they never sounded better. A great balance of rhythm section, Hammond organ from Tom Stirling, the aforementioned brass and of course co-founder Alan Kyle on lead guitar. Vocals from John Frame was outstanding too, with many highlights.

With favourites like Working On It and Working On It a few fans found space to dance at the front of the stage and at the entrance door in the darkness. Contrasts too with Back To The Blues highlighting Fraser’s wailing harmonica and enhanced with the new Kings stage lighting installation to conjure the moods perfectly. A couple of tracks from their What The Funk Fringe show had the audience on their feet with AWBs Pick Up The Pieces and Diggin’ On James Brown. Avoiding the obvious covers we did get the LOBN version of Why Did You Do It previously a hit for Stretch but this arrangement purely a Lights Out production. We were afforded one encore with Shaky Ground, and this sellout crowd could have partied all night. With a series of Edinburgh shows in the diary for August they did promise a return on September 10th, so we now await the tickets release from the Kings Live Lounge.

Photos courtesy of Lewis Milne

Video by John Murray

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