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Back to business......

Throughout the pandemic, K107fm has maintained broadcasting and whilst we cannot give exact listener numbers, we've seen growth across our social media and more people choosing to "Listen Again" to their favourite shows.

Interactions with the station have also increased and its hoped that we've kept the local area distracted and entertained, but also informed and updated with accurate information.

We are now able to slowly, and with appropriate measures in place start to bring more of our presenters back to the studio, so like local businesses its the start of a return to work again.

We've continued supporting local businesses, and we are grateful to those who have continued to work with us, and advertise on-air. Within our community we have also been keen to shine a light on new initiatives and ventures locally and utilised Facebook to do so regularly.

So, with more sectors getting ready to re-open and new businesses starting up across the Kirkcaldy area, we would love to hear from you.

Updated opening hours, different booking procedures, changes to goods and services, new premises - whatever your news is, get in touch.

We will use our social media to tag as many businesses as we can on Monday April 26th and highlight those who are opening their doors again - for those still waiting for further restrictions to ease, keep in touch - if and when things change in May, we'll shout about you then!

And of course, if you'd like to find out more about our cost effective advertising and how to get your business heard across the Kirkcaldy area, every single day - just email and we can arrange an informal chat.

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