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A Dream Pantomime for Kings Edinburgh

Updated: Jan 24

Sleeping Beauty – a dream pantomime

Billed as the Pantomime of your dreams this year’s production at the Kings Theatre Edinburgh had a lot to live up to and with a long period of enforced absence, high expectations. Well, Sleeping beauty exceeds expectations.

The familiar core of Allan Stewart (Queen May) and Grant Stott even more camp this year as Carabosse (carabosse can you do the fandango) lead the show but it has to be said Jordan Young (from a well-known BBC continuing drama) as Muddles the Jester has built his part to at least equal the veteran panto dames.

His slapstick on ‘If I Were Not…’ song is hilarious and immaculately timed and when Princess Aurora (played by Sia Dauda) awakes he gives us a synopsis of the show like a runaway train. Clare Gray plays the punky Princess Narcissa and can be seen speeding about the stage on her scooter. Her late father Andy Gray was part of the trinity of Kings Panto and his legacy is not forgotten. At one point the backdrop changes to a King Andy graphic and spontaneous applause and a few tears were shed, mine included.

The Sleeping Beauty story is well known and after a pyro infused opening, we settle into the individual talents of Allan and (I know a song about Fife) Grant and the vocal talents of the Good Fairy (Nicola Meehan). Stewart and Stotty feed off each other and both can command the audience attention.

Allan’s fast paced vocals are another highlight, and all held together by the Andy Pickering Orchestra of five but sounding much much bigger. No spoilers either but watch out for some spectacular effects especially if you are seated in the front stalls.

This being the last at the old Kings, next year the company moves temporarily to the Festival Theatre so do not miss this run.

Runs until January 16th, 2022, Tickets HERE

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