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Variety is here - one week only

Allan Stewart has been in show business for sixty years and came bouncing on stage like a youngster. He is 70 now but has the moves of a 40 year old and he fits well with the Andy Pickering Orchestra and no one would deny them a whole musical show but this the Big Big Variety Show and here we are in the grand old Kings Theatre Edinburgh for reportedly his last.

His Panto season will continue for 2020-21 of course in Sleeping Beauty and revealed a new role as lead in Sister Act coming soon to the Festival Theatre this April. His Panto chums Grant Stott and Andy Gray loom large in the variety setting and the comedy routines are well received with many fans in the audience. As the MacRobert brothers they have created characterisations that remain fresh and hilarious. Additional guests make variety though and the lovely Mari Wilson opened the show with a set that included songs from her current album – a great arrangement of Don’t Sleep In The Subway along with her hit singles Cry Me A River and the smash Just What I Always Wanted.

Comic Mick Miller recently seen in Last laugh In Vegas (with Bobby Crush and Cannon & Ball) had two slots and his droll Liverpool humour had the audience in stitches. Allan himself closed the show with his great vocal range and a series of impressions so rapid that we need a screen behind him to illustrate with great timing. We look forward to the team for Scotland’s favourite pantomime, we know Sister Act will excel and Andy & Grant revealed a return to the Gilded Balloon at Fringe time.

Variety is back for this week only and so much more to look forward to.

Kings Theatre Edinburgh till March 14

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