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  • review by Graeme Logan (**Star)

Now That’s What I Call a Christmas Show

We knew what we were going to before walking in the Theatre, those well- known Xmas song’s and love. The two main singers Kerry Ellis and John Owen Jones managed to perform several of the classics quite well but their attempt at was dreadful where Jones could not make the notes.

What kept the night in full swing was the Capital Voices Choir and the outstanding Robert Emery.

Robert surprised the audience with his excellent voice and rendition of songs. Both Kerry and John kept referring to last night’s performance where they had been performing in Glasgow. They were trying to persuade the audience that Edinburgh could beat Glasgow. I would suggest that the best cover of the night was of Boney M’s ”Mary’’s Boy Child” where the choir could show off their talent. The show really needed to have a Compare to keep the show going.

The crowd did eventually get upon their feet and dance along wearing their Santa’s’ hats that they had tucked in pockets or handbag’s.

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