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  • Graeme Logan

“Priscilla Queen of the Dessert”

This show relates to the popular film, when Tick, a Drag Queen receives a call from his wife to come to Alice Springs to meet his son. Tick decides to go on a very long journey across Australia along with his drag club friends, Bernadette and Adam aboard their old bus, Priscilla.

The music instantly has the audience with classics from the 1970’s and 80;s, all performed fantastically. The audience were singing, dancing all the time and on their feet to tracks like “Go West” and “YMCA”. Lots more from those eras that audiences love, were sung. There’s lots of humour and some real laugh out loud moments.

Joe Mcfadden known for his theatre role in “Chitty,Chitty Bang, Bang” and TV credits including “Holby City” brings a great performance. There are some touching moments too, when the trio encounter some prejudice along the way and how their friendship gets them through and his son is willing to accept him, his Dad for who he is.

This is a good show and worth visiting.

**** (4 Star)

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