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  • review by Graeme Logan

Rocky Horror Show

“Give yourself over to absolute pleasure” declares the tantalising Dr Frank’N’Furter – and Edinburgh was ready to involve themselves in Richard O’Brien’s camp cult classic.

This show is still filling up theatre seats with freaks and geeks. We follow the newly betrothed, all-American Brad Majors (James Darch) and Janet Weiss (Joanne Clifton) travelling to visit their college professor Dr Scott (Ross Chisari) when a flat tyre forces them towards the light of a nearby castle to seek assistance.

Greeted by Riff Raff (Kristian Lavercombe), it’s an evening they’ll never forget as they encounter weird residents Magenta (Laura Harrison), Columbia (Miracle Chance) and guests who are gathered to celebrate Dr Frank’N’Furter (Duncan James) showing his latest experiment.

There certainly were members of the audience who are regular visitors to the show, because of the involvement they were having, shouting at cast on the stage.

This was played out with the tongue firmly planted in cheek and backed by a toe-tapping soundtrack, erotic clothing and suggestive script. Although some of the music may not be known to all of the audience, we can guarantee everyone knows “The Timewarp” which definitely brings everyone on their feet singing and dancing.

The small cast manage to ensure a polished performance. In very strong voice is Duncan James who is the sweet transvestite. His vocals finally and his acting brought the Monday night audience into a frenzy as he successfully makes the role his own.

The Rocky Horror Show is an eye-opening, hilarious and entertaining evening especially around Halloween.

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