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Illegal Eagles

The Illegal Eagles have been performing together for many years proving their talent. They can do a fantastic achievement of, letting us here a professional cover of the music from the Eagles.

The band consists of Phil Aldridge, Keith Atack, Al Vosper, Trevor Newnham, Garreth Hicklin and Greg Webb.

This show at the Edinburgh Playhouse was the start of their 22 venues they will be performing at. The show began with their rendition of “Take It Easy” which enabled the audience to agree they were here to listen and enjoy very good covers of the American Legends.

After numerous songs we all know and love from most of the band, we were given stories about Glenn Frey and Don Henley’s writing skills.

In the second hour the band were asking the audience to stand up and assist with the singing and also put the lights on their phones as we all sang and swayed to “Desperado”. My favourite song was “The Last Resort” which is from the album “Hotel California”.

The band then gave their excellent singing of the title track “Hotel California” to finish the show, and told the audience they will be back to Edinburgh next year, can’t wait.

***** 5 Star

Graeme Logan

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