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  • Review by john Murray

I Wish My Life Were Like A Musical **** (4 stars)

I have often pondered that question and I’m sure the capacity audience at the Daisy in Underbelly have said the same. How do I know? Well every inner quip and phrase from Musical theatre were met with knowingly approval.

That helps but even the most obsessed theatre fan would enjoy the unfolding sketches on offer in this revue already a West End Wilma approved show. Each song is like a standard – spoken and sung at times in the Gilbert & Sullivan or Flanders & Swann style. There were times when there were more words per line that either. After the scene setting intro song, The Audition comes next and every imaginable scenario is explored and accurately delivered. The tiny stage must have restricted the movements of the three actors as they took their solo at the front or skillfully danced together accompanied only by composer & MD Alexander S. Bermange on keyboard, static but equally vocal at times and perhaps even more so on my visit due to cast illness.

One wonders with costume changes, a live band and a bigger costumed cast this could lead to endless possibilities and expansion, but it is what it is, an entertaining Fringe show and widely acclaimed. ‘I Want To Sing’ shows off the differing style and the title song is a joyous excursion.

Director Chris Whittaker got so many things right in this faultless performance. So, a love of Musical theatre is expected but anyone can enjoy these observations from the world beyond the stage so enjoyed by cast and audience alike.

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