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  • Review by john Murray

Confetti & Chaos **** (4 stars)

The first sign of the category of ‘interactive theatre’ can put off the most confident of Festival fans but this is not Al Murray Pub Landlord, Frankie Boyle or even Jason Bryne taking the mince out of the front row.

This immersive theatre is more dimensional as we are the guests at Stacey’s wedding. You have to be from the bride’s side as the groom’s family were not invited and that is just one sub-plot in this Imagination Workshop production of which there are many. These experienced four actors carry it beautifully as they fully change roles and costumes skillfully and believably as the fast pace continues. I saw a similar production in Las Vegas.

Stacey is the lovely bride played by Nerine Skinner and in each of her three roles excels in every way – wait for her solo vocal which almost stops the show. Best man Ray (Hayden Wood) keeps the whole show together with his patter, photographic memory of audience names and of course his slap stick. Otis Waby is the groom and is the straight man in the piece until his past catches up with him big style. Helen Colby’s main role is Mother of Bride Lynn and she works the tables in the room playing an older lady but with great skill.

As this is a wedding reception, we do get cake & coffee and 2 courses of the standard expected from the Principal Hotel although the ticket still had ‘George Hotel’ as it was called some years ago. There is a cash bar for drinks and the ladies at my table fully joined in the celebrations with several bottles of Prosecco at £30 a bottle, sported fascinators and summer dresses, but hey we are all at a wedding right? It was hard not to join in with songs and dance and this adds to the fun. The title says it all with both confetti and chaos kept together with our confident and highly talented cast.

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