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  • review by Graeme Logan

Acoustic Eagles * (1 star)

I was assuming when going to this event, that I would be seeing and listening to 4 or 5 guys performing classic hits from the Eagles. Instead I am disappointed with a married couple murdering hits I have always liked.

Although Mrs Boyd had a very strong voice, her husband Angus was frequently out of tune. They did manage a reasonable cover of Lying Eyes. They attempted to cover Hotel California but, this is too good a track for an amateur couple to attempt.

He did try and get the audience to sing along, which was probably to drown his out.

This was only on for 1 night and filled a 100 seat room.

They have other evenings including covers of hits from Sting, Bowie, The Beatles and Queen. I can only assume they will be better. I will in future read about shows in detail before attending them.

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