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  • review by Graeme Logan

The National Trust Fan Club – Gilded Balloon at the Museum (**** 4 Star)

This is about Helen Wood's quest to visit every National Trust property and become the NT's biggest superfan.

We are told from Helen about her parents bringing her up visiting NT properties and how she decided to set herself a challenge to visit 100 properties in a short space of time. This show would be a massive attraction to NT members or non- NT members, who have discovered that most of their properties close down for the winter, volunteers who frequently jump at you in the rooms you are visiting, or the mentioning of Cream Teas.

Helen has also included mentions about items for sale in their gift-shops and keeping us up to date with the properties she has managed to visit but, they are closed or just about to shut. She also makes quips of even car-park problems. She does try to keep the audience involved asking who has visited this property or that. We are also told us of the difference against the Scottish National Trust.

A lot of thought has gone into the writing of this and definitely worth going to.

Helen Wood has written this show after appearing at the Fringe last year with her show The O.S Map Fan Club, exploring the male-dominated world of map-making.

This show will run most days until the 26th at 3pm.

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