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  • Review by john Murray

Keith Moon - The Real Me **** 4 stars

Keith Moon was the legendary drummer of rock band The Who and as with all legends died tragically young due to his excesses. While similar tales across the Fringe like Amy Winehouse and Eva Cassidy tell biographic stories writer and performer Mick Berry (now that is a pop star name) has taken a different approach.

This is no tale of the 60’s pop world, this is a show and performance with live drumming for all to hear. Mick has taken his show across the US and returns to the Fringe triumphant. His likeness to Moony is uncanny, he is fit and, can mimic the voice and his drumming is convincing too. Not as manic as we remember Keith Moon but good enough to drum over classic backing tracks like My Generation, Can’t Explain, Baba O’Reilly and extracts from Tommy. The climactic Won’t Get Fooled Again can close any show and the power and the volume confirms this.

We hear of who it started in the High Numbers days to getting the hits, the hotel stories and some celebrity tales of which there are many. We do get an insight into the man; we even get some rudiments of offbeat drumming but more importantly we experience the great music The Who produced. Moony would have approved.

Till Aug 26 at 17:15 Gilded Balloon Teviot

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