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  • review by Graeme Logan

Something About Simon – The Paul Simon Story ****(4 star)

Gary Edward Jones, although a singer songwriter in his own right decided that after hearing his Dad playing the music of Paul Simon and then becoming a fan himself, he has brought this show to the Fringe. Gary does not just recite the music but pieces it well as he also tells the story of Paul Simon. The show reminds us of the music of “Tom and Jerry” and the then success of Simon and Garfunkel. From there Gary takes us forward to successful tracks including “Graceland”. I thought the excellent renditions of the Boxer and Homeward Bound certainly proved that this was worth coming to watch and listen. We are also possibly learning, through the show what a turbulent life Paul Simon underwent including his music partnership and his homelife. It is very impressive to keep watching Gary playing a large variety of guitars from this half Maltese and half Liverpudlian. The audience were certainly impressed with his show and this could be heard with the praise he was being given by them, on the way out. The room was nearly filled and I would suspect this will be the case for the rest of his run.

Having heard Gary’s show, I am now interested in hearing songs he has written and sung.

The show runs every afternoon until the 26th August (not 12th) at 3.35pm in the Assembly George Square Studios.

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