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Sarah plays Oran Mor

Sarah Darling

Oran Mor Glasgow

March 12th 2019

Sarah Darling is at a point in her career where it begins to become a bit of a problem for her in respect of what material to start to leave out of a structured setlist. So tonight with only a couple of old cuts from her first two or three albums the set mostly comprised material from 2017’s Dream Country and the soon to be released, June 07th, Wonderland.

The audience responded well to the new songs which Sarah is road testing including the initial taster single Call Me that certainly leant more towards the Pop side of her repertoire and the new single Fire which is much harder to pigeonhole with layered vocals and a rolling kind of gait. I have to be very up front here and say I really like this girl and her music so perhaps I’m just a touch biased.

However I have no problem in getting behind the general sound and direction she is carving out. It blends elements of Pop, Country, Americana and yes Folk together in a lush soundscape which draws you in and wraps around you like a comfort blanket. Until the Wonderland album is released songs like Diamonds, Light It Up, A Boy Like You and indeed London Fog will have to remain only in the fog of memory. Unlike the familiar strains of the glorious Halley’s Comet, Stargazer, Where Cowboys Ride and the ever beautiful Montmartre, the latter done stripped back wonderfully during a solo acoustic section of the set.

Here we were exposed to the simple straightforward beauty of Sarah’s voice and eloquent songwriting. I’ve long championed Sarah within my programmes believing, rightly, that she deserves greater exposure, though secretly I like being one of the few early believers.

Graeme Scott K107FM

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