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Nashville on tour

Eric Brace, Peter Cooper & Thomm Jutz

Limekilns Parish Church March 05th 2019

The Bruce Arms, Limekilns March 06th 2019

Take three super talented singer songwriters based in Nashville Tennessee and put them in two very different situations and you get two very different, and yet very enjoyable, shows. What am I talking about? Well show number one began by the guys doing nine songs from within their own extensive individual and collective catalogues.

Then they were joined by the pupils from the local primary school who performed a further six sings written by the legend that is Tom T Hall specifically from the album The Songs Of Fox Hollow. Frankly the children were quite brilliant and enthusiastically got into I Love, Sneaky Snake, Barn Dance, I Like To Feel Pretty Inside, The Mysterious Fox and Everybody Loves To Hear A Bird Sing.

The following evening and yet another sold out venue but this time there was no kids’ element. Specifically the material was drawn from the new album Riverland sitting alongside songs from all the back catalogues. Now I think it would be fair to say that quite a few audience members had never heard these songs or indeed the guys themselves attending only out of curiosity.

However, after being drawn in by the quality of the musicianship, songs along with the stories behind them, they left with huge smiles on their faces and clutching copies of CDs. It is always hard to pick out highlights but for me C&O Canal, River City, Wait A Minute, Hartford’s Bend, If I Had A Nickel, Angels Share, To Be A Steamboat Man plus the Tom T song I Flew Over Our House Last Night shone like beautiful sunlit beacons set against the languid flow of the mighty Mississippi.

Graeme Scott K107FM

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