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  • review by Graeme Logan

Rod comes to town

Because of the title of the show, this obviously is a tribute to the music career of Rod Stewart. The first half we are given the chance of discovering Rod’s childhood when he was born in 1945. He had 2 choices in life, become a footballer or a singer. He discovered football was not his strong point at a very early age and he would need to go for a singing career. We are shown Rod Stewart’s early struggle in the 1960’s when joining the Jeff Beck Group, he managed to make a working relationship with Ronnie Wood. Eventually the Faces come together, then release of his album “Every Picture Tells a Story and Rod has success as both a solo performer and with the Faces.

After Maggie May the hits just kept coming.

During the show Paul Metcalfe who has been involved for nearly 20 years singing Rod Stewart songs and has been involved in putting this show together. The audience are on their feet from the first song. Paul has several costume changes during the show which the audience love.

In the second half we are there to see Paul Metcalfe and his band perform all the classic songs that we want to hear. The likeness of the voices would make you think that you are at a Rod Stewart concert.

The show has had a lot of thought put into this when being performed in Scotland when we hear a little opening of “Fields of Thyme”. There are excellent backdrops of history from old music magazines including Melody Maker and New Musical Express.

This show is currently touring the UK and if you are a Rod Stewart fan then I would definitely recommend to go and sing along to.

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