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  • review by Graeme Logan

Para Handy

Para Handy – A Radio Play on Stage *** stars

Para Handy the television series thousands of Scottish audiences loved is being acted out in this year’s fringe as a live radio show performed for the BBC. Kevin Jannetts comes over at the start of the show as a very posh actor stating “oh its not this Scottish thing we have to do again (he certainly does not want to perform the parts even though it is for the BBC. Over the show, there is no doubt that Calum who plays Teddy Tunnock does a great role. He is a new boy to a radio broadcast and he definitely shows this by deliberately playing wrong parts from the radio script they are reading, and near the end of the show, he drop’s the scripts they are reading, adding even more humour to the show.

Stewart Phillips who plays the part of McMillan in the show comes over well. A lot of thought has been put into this show and will certainly drag older Scottish crowds along.

They also involve the audience by having them cheer and laugh over this supposed radio show.

This is performed at PQA Venues, Riddles Court, Lawnmarket until the 19th August.

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