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  • review by Graeme Logan

When Bon met Angus

Bon the Musical =============== This is the story of Bon Scott (Linton Osborne) and how met Angus Young (Jed Gillies) and joined the rock band AC/DC. At least I think that's the idea.

In reality it's a number of small scenes bookended with songs from the AC/DC back catalogue. If you already know the story and the songs then it's fun with the cast and audience enjoying themselves.

However if you don't then it's 55 mins of disconnected scenes and music.

The cast are talented and entertaining and the ad-libbing by Mark Bennett is ocassionally funny, but after a while it just needs to end.

So in summary if you want to hear some talented musicians sing some AC/DC songs then Bon the Musical is for you, however if you want a traditional musical with a connected story and a happy ending you'll be disappointed.

Greenside Nicolson Square till Aug 25 (not Sunday)

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