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  • review by Graeme Logan

Grease is the word

*** 3 stars

The question at the Edinburgh Playhouse this week has got to be is Grease the word?

Would you believe that it is close to 40 years when Olivia Newton John and John Travolta made a massive impact to millions of music lovers.

This version at the Playhouse on its current tour includes Tom Parker from the pop band The Wanted, who had songs including “Chasing the Sun” performs as Danny and Danielle Hope stars as Sandy, from stage shows including The Wizard of Oz and Les Miserables.

We were introduced to the show with the complete cast giving an opening of “Grease is the Word”

I felt at the beginning there was a problem with the clarity of the sound, as the show progressed, it became far better when some of the cast had hand held microphones.

When the car drove on stage near the start of the show, the deliberate banging of the car exhaust certainly gave the audience a fright.

Several of the well known tracks including “You’re the one that I want”, “Summer Nights” and “Greased Lightning” had the audience singing along as well as a little dancing in the theatre.

Also, versions of “Hopelessly Devoted to You” was sung very well by Danielle highlighting her strong stage voice. “We Go Together” was another track which the crowd enjoyed seeing and hearing. The cast together showed their energy overflowing throughout the show as the Pink Ladies and the T-Birds.

There certainly was a complete mix of ages in the audience, and for many people, if they have not seen the show before performed on stage, then they are probably very impressed. Maybe others who have seen the musical before, may think is Grease the word to definitely sing about ?

Grease the Musical is at the Edinburgh Playhouse until 16th September at 7.30pm

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