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  • Review by john Murray

Double Feature 4 stars Fringe 2017

The highly anticipated return of Andy Gray with Grant Stott was welcomed by the fans of the duo, now an established double act through Kings Pantomime as well as several shows at the Fringe since 2013.

Last year it was Grant on his own as Andy was filming River City for television so what would they come with for 2017 and in a brand new theatre space too. Double Feature is the new production with Ryan Dewar returning as director in a show written by Phil Differ (Naked Video, Scotch & Wry, Only An Excuse). The Rose Theatre venue looks like an old church inside (it was) and is a new offshoot of the ever growing Gilded Balloon. It’s a big space too with over 300 capacity and some still in the original pews. The creaky stage adds to the plot though as we are transformed into an old cinema with posters, pop up seats, film reels and an opening soundtrack and voice over to create the scene. In comes Mikey and Davy played by Andy and Grant and the pace does not stop. The rapport between the two of them is rapid and well rehearsed as is the sound cues of shotguns and blasts. They are reminiscing of cinema days gone by and many will relate to the nostalgia here with quotes from Steve McQueen, Burt Lancaster, Charlton Heston and of course Sean Connery. Some will relate too to the 6d (six old pennies) days of youth and perhaps the cinema usher Jimmy Murray (no relation) with his questionable practices. The plot surrounds the end of the old cinema though as it will be converted into modern flats but there is a clever twist in the tale.

There are quite a few belly laughs along the way as we would expect from these two and the hour flashes by and lapped up by the many fans.

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