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  • review by Graeme Logan

Just Like The Movies - Fringe 2017

Just Like the Movies - **** (4 stars)

Kingdom Theatre Company

This is the annual Fringe

production from Kingdom Theatre Company which has always brought some memorable shows to the Festival. This year it is a continuation of the Emerald Diaries, “Just Like the Movies” which tells us the story of Mary, a dancer from Leith, looking for new ventures. The local dance company have high expectations and would love to be part of the tattoo. Andrew, Mary’s boyfriend was thinking that it was “Just Like the Movies”. Morag receives a phone call from Britain’s Got Talent, to discover the Dance Company have managed to achieve an audition. They then get through to the next round. The girls find out later they did not qualify. Morag then is informed that the Dance Company are to be part of the Edinburgh Tattoo and will tour worldwide.

Andrew speaks about a possible engagement and eventually takes the courage to propose

Very good original songs:

Ready for the Big Time

Maybe This Time

I Need Talent

Something is Still Not Right

Just Like the Movies

As well the audience had a good sing-a-long with Mary’s Prayer

Forest Theatre Greenside Infirmary Street 19:35 till Aug 26 (not 13th/20th)

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