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  • review by Graeme Logan

The Addams Family

We know the cartoon of the family including Morticia, Gomez, Uncle Fester, Wednesday, Pugsley and Grandma. This moved to television and then an animated series a decade later.In 2010 the show had its debut in Broadway. This production was brought upto date with a modern script and new cast to keep the audience both tapping their toes and singing along.The story begins with Wednesday becoming engaged and her fiancée has very straight laced parents, the complete opposite of what the Addams family are themselves. Gomez is forced to keep this secret about Wednesday from Morticia, which seems to be very difficult as the family have “no secrets between them”. When Wednesdays engagement to Lucas happens, she asks Lucas to bring his parents along to meet her “different family”.Lucas’s parents definitely have secrets which begin to come out during the evening, especially during Morticia’s idea to play an Addams game. We have a very strong cast including Samantha Womack and Les Dennis who is very difficult to recognise as the Uncle Fester. The audience are probably very impressed with his singing voice as it is an attribute we are not used to from him. Cameron Blakely who plays the part of Gomez definitely deserves a mention for his performance.The audience certainly enjoyed and a standing ovation was well deserved.

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