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  • review by Graeme Logan

Nell Gwynn

Nell Gywn known to several people as one of the Girls on the Street who sold Oranges. When the idea of being offered the chance of learning acting became possible, it was hard to accept for Nell.

Not just for Nell but, for the rest of the members of the acting group. Edward Kynaston had never heard of an “actoress” and could not accept that the public would want to come to the Theatre to see ladies perform on stage. King Charles 11 did enjoy watching Nell every night in the Theatre to become his mistress further into the stage show.

Nell’s Mum and Sister come to visit her and cannot understand how and why she has changed her life from selling oranges. Nell’s Mum is still glad to help drink the free bottles of Gin and take jewels from the Palace.

The cast gel together very well for the fast humour, the audience kept listening in case a joke was missed, even a very sharp joke about Britain leaving Europe, the great music involved and this show is definitely worth a visit. The lead roles performed by Laura Pitt-Pulford, Esh Alladi, Michael Cochrane and Clive Hayward have to be mentioned but no one could be the best.

This show runs until Saturday 22nd April for a week at the Kings Theatre, Edinburgh.

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