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  • Review by john Murray

Mother McGoose at the Alhambra

Fife’s biggest pantomime has a big reputation to live up to and where better than the setting of this grant old theatre. The Alhambra Dunfermline, like the Pavilion in Glasgow and the Kings in Edinburgh has the ambiance just right for this type of production with its large stage, multi levels in depth, royal boxes and space for performers to run off and join the audience during the show. An orchestra pit too and a percussionist on overtime with crashes, whistles and cow bells like a Carry On film and all adding to the expected atmosphere.

It all works too with spectacular lighting, glamorous dancers, kid’s chorus and definitive characters for this new production of Mother McGoose written and directed by Jonathan Stone. From curtain up the characters are quickly introduced and larger than life for even the youngest in the audience as Fairy Fyfa (Gayle Telfer-Stevens) in an over-the-top Fife accent introduces the show. The story is as loose as the egg laying goose but with lots of topical jokes, sing alongs, shout outs and a flying Priscilla McGoose nothing is left out in the pantomime tick list. Old Macdonald becomes a goose sing song and even Justin Timberlake’s Can’t Stop The Feeling is given an airing. Local references are on form too with place names and a plug for sponsor Khushis (the Indian restaurant) – and why not.

Veteran Billy Mack as Mother McGoose joins the company after ten years along the road at Adam Smith Theatre and it is he who holds the show together with boundless energy and the sharpest of wit. So the kids shout back, the adults chuckled and the whole audience applauded this fine company before the principals signed programmes in the foyer afterwards.

Dunfermline Alhambra till December 29th

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