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  • review by Graeme Logan

The Broons

Before seeing the show, it instantly seemed a strange and possibly dangerous risk to take this to the Theatre, but it was worth taking. Now that Scotland’s cartoon family have been about for 80 years old, this has been the way for existing readers and maybe now gained new readers.

The story begins Maggie announcing she is going to get married and Ma and Pa realise they cannot afford the wedding. They have to put her off her idea. During the show other members speak about moving from 10 Glebe Street and definitely not going to the But‘n’Ben.

Horace reckons he will be going to Mars and Joe thinks he will be moving to London to become a professional boxer. We also are brought into the modern world when Daphne and Hen arrange a blind date on-line to find they are dating each other. Apart from one member of the cast all are Scottish and many have appeared in TV show’s including River City and Still Game.

The show has a complete mixture of Scottish music ranging from traditional songs to Deacon Blue and the audience is encouraged to sing-in.

Although some may describe as a Pantomime, it is definitely worth going to watch. “Oh Yes it is !”

Kings Theatre Edinburgh till Nov 5

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