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Billy Elliot

Billy Elliot has made its Scottish debut at the Playhouse until 22nd October. Billy is an 11 year-old boy in Durham when the miner’s strike was on and this was the industry that his Father and family had all worked. Although the Dad started sending Billy to Boxing lessons , this was never what Billy wanted and he started sneaking off to dance classes.

Haydn May played Billy this evening and his friend who enjoyed cross-dressing, Samuel Torpey , both of which can be seen to be stars for years to come.

The Grandma ,Andrea Miller injects a sense of humour, and the appearance of Billy’s Mam gives us a little emotion. The Ballet Teacher, Mrs Williamson states to Billy that he could be a professional dancer but first he has to wait for both his family and the community to accept this.

Billy’s Dad and brother Tony eventually see this is his future whilst we see a large puppet of Margaret Thatcher reminding us the strike is still on and they currently have no career future.

We hear music from Elton John, show last for approx. 2hrs 45 mins and certainly would be worth a night out. Probably a while before Edinburgh get’s a chance to see this for a while if not in this run.

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