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Footloose - The Musical

Of Course many of us remember the 1984 movie and some of us can still sing the title song, but what of the stage musical? Well this touring production from Sell A Door Theatre certainly won us over within the first few minutes with their live and lively version of the title song. The challenge here is that all the stage musicians with the exception of Musical Director David Keech on drums on his elevated podium, play live during the performance and that includes the choreography. Now try dancing to sequence while playing a huge baritone saxophone.

The cast are excellent with the lead part of Ren played by Luke Baker, surely a true star in the making. Headline names too though with Gareth Gates as Willard adding to his musicals portfolio with a polished role adding comedy to his vocal and dancing skills. Maureen Nolan is here as Vi Moore, she of the Nolans girl group and she too has her vocal moments in this non-stop show. The story of how Ren and his mother move from the Chicago metropolis to a small town where dancing is banned proves just too much of a challenge. The preacher and the local council are dead against it in a town where the only excitement is the train passing through. Some big production songs shine through though like Holding Out For A Hero and Let’s Hear It For The Boy and when the finale comes around reprising the big songs the audience were already on their feet.

Festival Theatre Edinburgh till Feb 20

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