Jersey Boys triumph

I think we all know the music from Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons? Ask any music fan and I expect Rag Doll and Sherry will spring to mind and can be sung out loud while others from a different era can quote from (Oh What A Night) December 1963 or the disco explosion that was Who Loves You and some can only site Grease the movie title track which was a Valli solo project and ignored on this musical stage. So the songs are familiar and the success of Jersey Boys on stage and all the associated copies that followed mean a lot to live up to. The answer was not immediate either as the original group who practised under a street lamp certainly did have the harmonies but they had still to expl

Magnificent Les Mis

Cameron Mackintosh Productions Les Misérables Festival Theatre Edinburgh JANUARY 23rd 2019 As a writer just sometimes you come up against a show which causes you many problems when attempting to write a review. I mean come on, when you think about just what could I possibly write which has not already been written countless times before and by many much more qualified or eloquent than I? Oh to hell with it I’m just going to do what feels correct. There can’t be many people who do not know the story behind this show. How it was almost universally slated by critics when it first hit the stage of Barbican way back in 1985. However to paraphrase part of Victor Hugo’s novel the public rose up and

Glasgow Girls

Raw Material Productions Glasgow Girls Perth Theatre Perth February 02nd 2019 First staged back in 2012 by NTS Glasgow Girls is back on tour around Scotland. Whilst I was very aware of the background true story of a group of secondary school girls who banded together protesting successfully against the outrageous policy of forced repatriation to supposedly “safe” home countries of asylum seekers long settled in Scotland to be honest I had concerns about how it would sit as a piece of musical theatre. I need not have worried. The songs mixing as they do a little bit of Robert Burns alongside of quite cutting edge street beats from MC Soom T, Patricia Panther, John & Gerry Kielty and indeed di

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